Robert Timsah's Screenplays

Beautiful stories for the screen.

American Star ( Drama, Full Length )

On the verge of an Oscar nomination, a weary young actor accepts a gay role, something his controlling father detests. As the actor helps the writer of the film navigate a turbulent and emotional return home, the two fall in love and unearth a trauma so dark it could rip father and son apart forever.

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Killer R/X ( Short, Dark/Comedy )

A desperate young man begins taking an experimental drug that helps him finally conquer the voices in his head, only for them to try to kill the doctor who prescribed it.

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Marked ( Sci-Fi, Horror, Short )

A young woman reconnects with her estranged father before her wedding, introducing him to his grandson for the first time, only for them to end up in a fight for their lives.

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Feedback Addiction ( Comedy, Mockumentary, Short )

A woman suffering from an obsession with providing feedback, can't get over an unresolved scene in the hit film Cast Away, as she falls further into her addiction. She hated this script, title, and log line.

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The Blue Ball ( Very Short, Drama, Comedy )

Two tired astronauts search for a habitable planet. (Ultra-short two pages)

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Not Groundhog Day, Again! ( Comedy, Full Length )

A pair of gloomy screenwriters, with a volatile hatred for the film Groundhog Day, find themselves trapped in the same day - and theater - where the film plays non-stop.

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