Free Speech Platforms In 2021

Support Freedom Of Speech Platforms & Break Free From The Dark Side

Welcome to the Rebel Alliance. This list is in it’s infancy as we navigate the uncharted waters of segregating off of Big Tech’s tyrannical platforms. This intends to list a way around all of Big Tech’s influences - as much as humanely possible. From operating systems, to platforms to video hosts.

Social Media




Cloud Storage

Writing Platforms

YouTube Alternative

Operating Systems

Any Linux Variant would free you from Big Microsoft, Apple or Google.

Cell Phone Operating Systems (Not Android/iOS)

Cloud Office Suite

Office Suite

Robert Timsah Screenplays

My Vision. My Voice. My Screenplays.

I bring my own unique style, vision and voice to the world of screenplays and film. Story and structure are king and as such I write lean scripts that read fast, establish backstory and strive for a powerful story. My screenplays are listed below and my contact information is on them.

American Star

First Draft - Full Length - Drama

The abandoned son of a former actress, Merrick Jennings, is on the verge of his first Oscar nomination. He falls in love and comes of age only to unwittingly risk destroying the only family he has left.

Download & Read American Star


Short - Final Draft - Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama

A young woman attempts to reconnect with her estranged father before her wedding only to learn of a terrifying secret.

Download & Read Marked


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