Contract With America (2021)

In a time of such anger, fear and division it would be helpful for citizens to know if their local law enforcement will defend their liberties.

The United States of America is seeing its’ entire premise as a nation being eroded. Smiles have been loosely outlawed under the guise of Covid19 mitigation via local decrees. Even our right to breath has been encroached upon. The Press, the Courts, the FBI and Government officials have all failed us.

In a time of such uncertainty, anger, fear and division it would be helpful for citizens to know exactly which liberties their local law enforcement & officials will defend.

The Contract

I __________________ in my position as __________________ in the state of _______________, in the city of, ______________________ swear that I will….

  • Not Enforce Forced Vaccinations.

  • Not Enforce Face-Covering or Mask Usage.

  • Not Enforce The Closure of Businesses or Churches.

  • Not Enforce Gun Confiscation.

  • Will Defend The Right to Bear Arms.

  • Will Defend Peaceful Speech.

  • Will Defend Political Speech.

  • Will Defend Religious Freedom.

  • Will Defend Peaceful Protests.

This contract will help to instill confidence and unity between the public and police. It would also send a powerful message to elected officials and help reduce tensions between the public and local law enforcement going forward.

The goal would be to get as many local police and government officials to sign onto this new Contract with America to usher in a new era of bottom-up liberty protection.

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